Interview Success

This is your time to put your best foot forward, and although some of this information seems obvious it is important to consider these points during your interview preparation.

  • Do your research – look at the company website and familiarise yourself with their history, company ethos and any social media sites. It is really helpful to get insight into the company and how they operate.
  • Dress – professional dress is most definitely still an interview requirement, after all first impressions really do count.
  • Take your CV – it is always good to go prepared with a copy of your CV and any qualifications
  • Arrive in plenty of time – avoid getting flustered and arriving late is likely to give the wrong impression. Of course you may have a very good reason, but ensure you communicate any problems with your consultant.
  • Body language – being friendly and open helps with first impressions, remember a good strong handshake and eye contact. If there is more than one interviewer, ensure you address the panel, not just an individual.
  • Be clear and concise – nerves can affect the best of us, but it is how you control them that is important. Keep calm whilst delivering detailed, concise and relevant answers.
  • Past employers – speak positively about old employers as sometimes negatives can be seen as unprofessional.
  • Ask questions – take a few minutes prior to interview to think of questions you would like to ask about the company. Remember an interview is a two way process!
  • Salary – as tempting as this is avoid asking about salary and package, this is something that can be covered off at a later date.