CV Advice

How to create a great CV

In a candidate rich market it is absolutely vital your CV stands out from the crowd. A potential employer will take seconds to scan your details and decide whether it goes in the yes or no pile.

A good CV will increase your chances of interview vastly, so why not take some time to review your details to ensure they impress and are tailored for the role you wish to pursue.

Below we have outlined some key areas for you to consider –

  • Contact details – are they correct and up to date
  • Personal statement – gives a potential employer insight as to who you are and make will maken an impact. It will include what your drivers are and outline your employment history to date with any immediate career ambitions.
  • Achievements – make sure you have listed your key successes within your career. It is beneficial to quantify these too as it gives a potential employer insight into your capabilities.
  • Presentation and content – make sure it looks visually pleasing and detail included is relevant and concise.
  • Gaps – if you have any periods of time where you were out of work then substantiate why and how long.
  • Length – your CV should be absolutely no longer 3 pages maximum.
  • Errors – proof read and triple check spelling and grammar. Mistakes will reduce your chances of interview significantly.
  • Bullet points – should be used use to emphasis skill breakdown and overview of current role.

SquareRoot would be more than happy to review your CV. Please feel free to get in touch.